Pension fund and
death-grants fund

Welcome to the website of the "Wohlfahrtseinrichtungen" of the Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Consulting Engineers.
The objective of the English version of this website is to offer basic information on the architects' and chartered consulting engineers' pension insurance. For all details please use the hyperlinks to the website in German, where you can find more than 250 information-pages and about 120 pdf-documents which can be downloaded.

All sites are for information only and without responibility. You can get detailed individual information in person, on the phone or in writing.
1040 Vienna, Karlsgasse 9/4;
office@archingwe.at ;
Tel.: +43/1/5055807, Fax.: +43/1/5055807/46
The Wohlfahrtseinrichtungens' assets are separated assets of the
Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Consulting Engineers .

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  6. Pension fund: system and benefits
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For further information please contact : Bernhard Wisleitner.